Community is Key at De Waldorf

Community is Key at De Waldorf

Community is Key at De Waldorf

New research suggests that residents of retirement communities are substantially happier, healthier, and have a greater overall sense of wellbeing than their counterparts who opt to remain in their current home, often not directly integrated with a community. 

Being a part of a community is vital and offers so many advantages, especially for the later years in life, whether you see yourself as a retiree or not, the truth is, we are all ageing. A Retirement Community in North Carolina has in fact found that residents belonging to a community have a better social life and it also aids in the transition of starting a new chapter in life, amongst many other things.

The Benefits of Community

The advantages of being involved in your community are vast, but we have found that the following three are evidential and important to most retirees – 

Your Sense of Wellbeing Skyrockets 

According to a recent study, 90% of residents living in a retirement community stated that they had moved into the community at just the right time in their lives. Researchers found that these same residents experienced the following:

  • Remained healthier for longer
  • Were more active
  • Reported less loneliness
  • Felt a greater sense of security
  • Enjoyed life more

Healthy Choices Flourish

The same study shares that retirement community residents were 2 to 5 times more likely than non-residents to participate in an array of activities such as social events, trying new activities, getting together with friends, eating with other people, exercising, and spending time with family more frequently than they had in the past. 

We’ve also seen that taking part in activities or spending time with peers influences an individual’s behaviour for the better. These interactions with other residents of your community group can positively influence your diet; exercise regime; hobbies and even your way of thinking. 

It is important to note that the opposite can occur in the form of peer pressure. Remember to surround yourself with the right people: positive, motivated, supportive and encouraging.

Coping with Stress is Made Easier 

We are familiar with the feeling of stress all too well, especially in the times of uncertainty we are currently living in. Being included in a community of caring and supportive people can assist an individual in viewing themselves as more capable of dealing with a stressful situation. 

Furthermore, a study by ARCO suggests that residents part of a retirement community feel they are more in control of their lives, thus making a situation of stress easier to handle. We often see retirement residents collecting advice from their peers on topics which is often not relatable to their kids and grandkids. Wouldn’t you also rather trust advice from someone with the same interests and needs? 

Community at De Waldorf 

Community at De Walforf comes in all shapes and sizes. De Waldorf encourages and supports the feeling of community with the lifestyle centre and wellness centre, where you will be able to enjoy dinner with friends, business discussions over a cup of coffee and cake, or even a jog at the gym with a neighbour. The estate will cater for your health, physically and mentally. Here you will find like-minded residents who enjoy nature, community and a sense of security when it comes to their health and asset investment. 

Welcome to your community. Welcome to De Waldorf. 

By: Louw & Coetzee Properties