Why Stellenbosch is great for your retirement

Why Stellenbosch is great for your retirement

Why Stellenbosch is great for your retirement

If you know the historic town of Stellenbosch, there would be no need to explain why it is considered one of the most sought-after agricultural towns in South Africa.

That being said, have you considered retiring here? Stellenbosch is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful towns belonging to the Western Cape, with its vast vineyard landscapes and rows of oak trees along her streets. It’s no wonder thousands of tourists ensure they explore the beauty of her natural offering when visiting the Western Cape.

Besides the town’s visual beauty and diverse culture, there are many factors making up the plethora of reasons to not only visit as a tourist, or live here as a family, but also to retire here.

Let’s explore why…


The views never get old, the sun kissing the mountainsides as they set becomes a highlight of the day and Sunday-drives past the vineyards are a glorious past-time for residents in Stellenbosch. Should we even mention the superb wine farms and hospitality on offer?

When driving through the town, the sight of the oak trees overhead are simply breath taking, and it’s this landscape that has named Stellenbosch the ‘City of Oaks.’ 

To top it off, the stunning Cape Dutch architecture of Stellenbosch can be found along Dorp Street or along the wine route and combines design elements from the Netherlands, France, Germany and Indonesia. 

Retirement should be beautiful, and Stellenbosch will open her arms for you to enjoy the energetic, natural beauty she has to offer.


One of the key elements of this town is the sense of community.  The City of Oaks offers young and old an array of social and cultural events, allowing like-minded people to connect.

Walking down the Oak-lined streets, one may notice the many restaurants and cafes presenting a European feel and there is never a shortage of options when it comes to dining out. 

Need to stay fit? Walking, running and cycling trails are in abundance in this town, and many events are designed around fitness. A hiking trail that comes highly recommended is the wonderful Jonkershoek

Don’t forget the ever popular De Zalze Golf course, with Club ranking 11th out of 100 according to top100golfcourses.com and is simply a must-visit. Hole 13 is said to be the signature hole as it is known to be quite deceptive!

If you have your mind set on more of a passive past-time, take your pick of one of the 200 wine producers to visit (you know, once the lockdown restrictions ease up), or visit the unique art galleries and immerse yourself in the exquisite paintings, photographs and statues. 

Most of us fear retirement, (especially if we aren’t working), as we envision being bored and not having enough to do.

But, Stellenbosch does not hold back in her lifestyle offering!


With some of Western Cape’s top rated homes, incredible investment opportunities, top schools and its World-renowned agricultural economy, Stellenbosch is known to be a superb property investment hub.

Real Estate e-marketing platform, Property24, lists almost 1900 properties for sale in the Stellenbosch municipal region. With a healthy schooling and university appetite, Stellenbosch properties are known to offer the avid investor good return on investment.

We cannot shy away of the current Covid-19 pandemic, but one thing we have seen during the Covid-19 / 2020 real estate market activity, is that buyers are looking to invest more in their homes, be it for security, lifestyle or career needs.

The Covid-19 buyer mindset has in fact brought a higher demand for secure areas and security estates where families can exercise, work and socialize securely and with a vast array of security and lifestyle retirement estates, Stellenbosch offers any retiree peace of mind that retirement can be safe, beautiful and yes, even a little fun.

Welcome to Stellenbosch, Welcome Home.

By: Louw & Coetzee Properties